Who We Are

Sequoia Mental Health Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing assistance to people with psychiatric, emotional and developmental impairments. The support provided is aimed at maximizing self-sufficiency and productivity and offered with compassion, integrity and a profound respect for each individual’s strengths. At Sequoia, our goal is to surround the people we serve with a community that will engage, support and encourage them.
As a non-profit agency, Sequoia has grown and evolved over the years in order to remain true to our commitment to meeting the changing needs of our clients. In our earliest incarnation as Homestreet in 1981, we focused on providing much-needed affordable supportive housing to individuals being discharged from state hospitals. In 2004, Homestreet merged with a second local organization to become Homestreet-Banyan Tree, Inc., in order to expand our services to include licensed residential treatment facilities. Later, in 2008, our name was changed to Sequoia Mental Health Services, Inc., to more accurately reflect our commitment to our home here in the Pacific Northwest.

Who We Serve

Sequoia is based in Beaverton, Oregon and serves individuals in Washington County. The services provided by Sequoia are funded through a variety of public funds including Medicaid, OHP, Medicare, commercial insurance, and our generous supporters. Individuals may be considered for private pay if they have no insurance.
Today, Sequoia serves more than 1300 persons with psychiatric disabilities. Our clients range in age from 6 to 77, and reflect the varied ethnicity of our community.

Our Values

We develop services specific to each client’s needs based on clinical assessments, and we support the client taking responsibility for their treatment. The treatment plans we create are unique contracts for care that reflect the needs and goals of the client.

We believe clients can recover from mental illness through maximizing their personal strengths. We focus on identifying and developing strengths and resources with our clients.

Our diverse staff reflects the diversity of our community. We respect and respond to the individualized needs and varied cultural values of our clients. Many of our staff are multilingual and multicultural, which allows us to offer culturally relevant services.

Our staff use therapeutic methods that are identified by research as the most effective for the client. We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our services and learn from new research as it becomes available.

We believe that the most effective services are provided in collaboration with other community providers. We coordinate the client’s care and recruit the support of family, friends, physicians, substance abuse treatment providers, criminal justice or other providers as indicated on a case-by-case basis.

We link clients with community resources to support their independence and autonomy, while offering a continuum of additional services based on each individual’s clinical needs.

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